CPython tasks

CPython is a big project. Maintaining CPython require to frequently do different tasks. This page tries to list all “tasks” required to maintain Python. The goal is to make sure that each task has at least two maintainers, so one maintainer can easily take holiday or stop working on this task.

For the background, see Vicky’s talk Passing the Baton: Succession planning for FOSS leadership.


  • Review and merge pull requests: done by around 34 core developers (Stephane Wirtel’s stats at Pycon Italy 2018). The merge action is restricted to core developers. Maintainers: active core developers (June 2018: around 34 core devs).
  • Bug triage: closing a bug needs the bug triage permission. Maintainers: active core developres.
  • Check for buildbot failures: Read logs of each buildbot failure, check if the failure is known. If the failure is known, maybe mention the new failure in the existing bug. Otherwise, open a new bug. Then reply to the email with a link to the bug. Maintainers: Victor Stinner, Pablo Galindo Salgado.
  • Run bugs.python.org: fix bugs, deploy new version. See the meta bug tracker for bugs of bugs.python.org itself (not for Python bugs). Roundup is going to be deployed in a Docker container on OpenShift. Maintainers: Ezio Melotti, Maciej Szulik.
  • Run pythontest.net. Maintainers: ?
  • Run GitHub bots. Maintainers: Brett Cannon and Mariatta Wijaya.
  • Update vendored external libraries <vendored-libs>. Maintainers: ?
  • Update unicodedata on new Unicode release. Latest update (Unicode 11.0): https://bugs.python.org/issue33778. Maintainer: Benajamin Peterson.


Some actions require administrators who are the only ones allowed to do actions.

  • Mailing lists: create a new mailing list. Maintainer: “postmaster” (who is the current postmaster?).
  • Bug tracker: give “bug triage permission”. Roundup Coordinators:
    • Brett Cannon.
    • Ezio Melotti,
      1. David Murray
    • Victor Stinner
  • GitHub cpython: add new core developers. Administrators:
    • Brett Cannon
    • Release managers (ex: Ned Deily)