CPython infrastructure

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Python infrastructure

Services used by unit tests

  • pythontest.net services:

  • snakebite.net:

    # Testing connect timeout is tricky: we need to have IP connectivity
    # to a host that silently drops our packets.  We can't simulate this
    # from Python because it's a function of the underlying TCP/IP stack.
    # So, the following Snakebite host has been defined:
    blackhole = resolve_address('blackhole.snakebite.net', 56666)
    # Blackhole has been configured to silently drop any incoming packets.
    # No RSTs (for TCP) or ICMP UNREACH (for UDP/ICMP) will be sent back
    # to hosts that attempt to connect to this address: which is exactly
    # what we need to confidently test connect timeout.
    # However, we want to prevent false positives.  It's not unreasonable
    # to expect certain hosts may not be able to reach the blackhole, due
    # to firewalling or general network configuration.  In order to improve
    # our confidence in testing the blackhole, a corresponding 'whitehole'
    # has also been set up using one port higher:
    whitehole = resolve_address('whitehole.snakebite.net', 56667)
  • news.trigofacile.com:

  • ipv6.google.com:

    • test_ssl uses it to test IPv6: HTTP (tcp/80) and HTTPS (tcp/443)

  • sha256.tbs-internet.com:

    • test_ssl uses it to test x509 certificate signed by SHA256: HTTPS (tcp/443)

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